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  • Outstanding Hidden Gem of a tour

    Our friends booked this tour for the four of us. Was a surprise. Informative, history dating back to the 1500’s, toured the catacombs in the bowls of the church. What a great time.
    Tommy, the owner and our guide, might be the best tour guide we’ve had in NYC in 40 years.
    highly recommend you sign up for this tour if you’re visiting NYC. Great for all ages.

    Port Saint Lucie FLORIDA

    This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking the Catacombs by Candlelight tour with my Fiance and it was AWESOME. We learned so much about people who helped shaped this great area into what it is today, we also had the extreme privilege of walking the catacombs under the famed Old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends. I look forward to the next tour with Tommy, he was very informant and professional and he makes sure everyone enjoys the tour!
    Richard M
  • Tommy knows his history

    We took the Catacomb tour with Tommy and I was surprised by the wealth of knowledge shared by Tommy. The knowledge is not just about the church but about all history in all of New York. Tommy is a true historian working with the church to keep the history alive. 

    Others say you can just visit the church and be good but Tommy gave us history not to mention exclusive access to areas not available with just a walk in visit. While it is true you get to see only vaults and there are no mass graves, the history behind the vaults and the stories shared by Tommy make this worth you 90 mins and money. Tommy is passionate and friendly and I don’t think you will go wrong.

    Andy V
    Irvine, CALIFORNIA
  • Exceeded my expectations

    I was really pleasantly surprised by how great this tour was. I’ve lived in NYC for 14 years now, but had no idea about the history of St. Patrick’s. Tommy went in-depth into the history of the area, the gangs that ruled back in the day, and the back stories of notable people in the cemetery and in the crypts below. The best part for me was getting to go into the choir loft and INSIDE the organ. It was all super informative and interesting, and I’ve already recommended the tour to two of my friends.

    New York City NY
  • Wonderful tour of catacombs, Old St Patrick's cathedral NYC

    My son and I had fantastic tour of the catacombs in Old St Patrick’s cathedral, NYC. Our tour guide was Jocelyn, a New Yorker born and bred, who had an amazing array of info she shared on the history, architecture and characters surrounding Old St Patrick’s cathedral NYC. 

    In particular, the tour concentrated on the catacombs BELOW the cathedral, which very few visitors to the city have even seen, as this tour company has only recently been given permission to access this amazing, hallowed place. So you get a great overview of the historical figures and personalities interned in this unique resting place. 

    Because this tour is so new, you get bragging rights when you return from your holiday! But I think the tour is also a ‘must’ for native New Yorkers, who might think they know everything about their city; this walking tour is special.

    Greater London, United Kingdom